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Entrepreneur Partner Hosting (EPH)

Small Office Home Office Entrepreneur Partner Hosting (EPH)

Soho Entrepreneur Partner Hosting helps Small Office, Home Office and Business Partners plan, build and deliver there web solutions and web presence. Our focus is on enabling the Small Office Home Office Business get on line faster with very low startup cost. Our investment in your Business is by Supplying all your hosting needs to get your web business on line fast.

Entrepreneur Partner Hosting Features

1000MB UK UNIX Web Space - We offer generous web space allowances giving you plenty of high quality space to develop your site.
3GB Multi Homed Premium BGP4 Bandwidth - Our bandwidth is of the highest quality and is supplied by multiple top UK providers including Level 3, Newnet and Linx.
Host Single Site - With this account you can host a single web site although this web site can have many domains but they all point to the same site.
Spam Mail & Virus Mail Protection - Accounts can have spam and virus protection added for just £35 per account which covers unlimited domain names.
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100 POP3 Mailboxes - Mailboxes allow you to send/receive e-mail on your server via your e-mail software and using our web based e-mail.
Unlimited Multi Recipient E-mail Redirects - Redirects enable you to have e-mail for one address sent to one or many e-mail addresses on or off the server and are very useful if you have off server e-mail accounts or need one address to send mail to many people
Unlimited Autoresponders - Autoresponders are e-mail an address which automatically replies when an e-mail is sent to it with a message of your choice.
Unlimited Mailing Lists - Mailing list are a way of sending an e-mail out to multiple recipients by just sending a single e-mail to just one address. This can enable you to set up newsletters to keep people informed of what is happening with your web site etc.
Web Based E-mail - Web mail is available for all mailboxes on our system, so wherever you are you can always check your e-mail.

Entrepreneur Partner Templates

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